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Gateless Coach Intensive

It’s one thing to generate great material at a workshop or retreat. It’s another to learn how to tap your power on your own, in the day-to-day.

What if you could get coaching and companionship to surface your strongest work?

The Gateless Coach Intensive gives you the tools, practice, and partnership to do this with ease. With consistency. With increasing mastery. And with joy. Using the Gateless Writing methodology, a Gateless coach reflects back the power and beauty in your work, so that you move toward these strengths naturally, in all of your writing, with more confidence each time you’re at the page.

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What you get in a Gateless Coach Intensive

  • A 1:1 Gateless Writing coach who listens to your work in development, with love, generosity, and a commitment to supporting the fullest expression of your ideas.

  • Craft tools to elevate your work to the next level of expertise and beauty

  • A safe and loving witness for creative risk-taking, question-asking,

  • An accountability partner who believes in you and your projects with unconditional love and support, and shapes that guidance to the needs of your work and you as a writer

  • Company in the practice of writing


Having a Gateless Writing coach in your corner makes a tremendous difference. Not only do I see your strengths and celebrate them, you get a structure and system for tapping into your genius. What’s more, you build your own relationship with the page that can you move through the gates of doubt, fear, and inertia.

Confidence, resilience, and mastery more often come from a foundation of safety and love. This foundation supports you on your unique path to excellence (or to simply finishing the project!).

(Not sure what Gateless Writing is? Keep scrolling!)


How the Gateless Coach Intensive works

A Gateless Coaching Intensive lasts three months. It includes…

  • The introductory conversation. We talk about what you’re working on, your dreams for the work, timelines or other external pressures, and your experiences as a writer. I share my background, so you know who you’re working with.

  • Weekly or biweekly 1:1 Gateless Writing salons. We meet by phone, video, or in person to write using the Gateless methodology. This structure is proven to surface original work of great power. It’s where we tap the genius inside!

  • Up to two rounds per month of written Gateless feedback for work-in-progress.

  • Invitation to join a monthly online salon of other writers in the Gateless Coach Intensive. There is magic in being in a Gateless “room,” where everyone is elevated by this style of writing, reading, listening, and reflection.

  • 2 strategy sessions on moving completed work into the work, and building or amplifying your author platform.

Working with the brilliant poet and memoirist Jan Taylor

Working with the brilliant poet and memoirist Jan Taylor

notes from Gateless Writing founder Suzanne Kingsbury

notes from Gateless Writing founder Suzanne Kingsbury

Talking over the work with master essayist Eaddy Sutton

Talking over the work with master essayist Eaddy Sutton


3-Month Gateless Coach Intensive: Investment

Tapped to Speak LIVE SPECIAL!
This rate will not be offered again.
Just six spots open!

$1250 / month

$3299 / pay in full


To join the Gateless Coach Intensive, send an email to


You’ve changed my life. You give me so many supports and confidence, but those came from YOUR skills!! You spread magic. You GIVE PEOPLE POWER. That is magical. That is being a teacher/intuitive/blessing. You aren't ashamed to give people compliments and see their strengths. You encourage me, teach me, and elevate me to my best self.

-Janae Moss, writer, business owner, mom, founder of 360 Humans Driving Change


What is Gateless Writing?

Gateless Writing was founded by Suzanne Kingsbury, acclaimed novelist and one of the most sought-after developmental editors in the country. Based in eastern spiritual traditions of non-duality and cognitive neuroscience. Gateless removes left-brain analysis from the practice of writing.

We have long worshiped the critical mind, believing that “constructive criticism” makes us smarter and stronger. In fact, applying analysis and criticism to generative work fires the amygdala, sending us into stress-response (the tiger’s here somewhere!) — and shutting down areas of the brain involved in creativity, receptivity, and curiosity. The critical mind perseverates on our weaknesses, which strengthens the synaptic pathways and makes our weaknesses stronger.

The Gateless methodology creates a safe structure that quiets the critical mind. This allows you to tap into your most original, surprising, and powerful work, and to grow in strength as a writer the more you practice it.

Gateless Writing is also tremendous, delightful fun.

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