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There are so many areas of marketing and communications where you can get tripped up.

You can get preachy. You can start a social media campaign and ditch it when other things get busy. You can force your website to sound official and authoritative and put visitors to sleep in a a hot half-second. You can spend all your time explaining how you do what you do, and forget entirely to say what you do and why.

Trust me, no one cares about your ideas or your products at all until two things happen.

1. They understand what you do or sell.
2. They get why it matters — to them.

To make all that happen, you need someone with a touch for words that gets people so excited that they join your cause or buy your sofas or earrings or lilac bushes or environmental consulting services.

Copy is the key to your power and success.

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Here are some of the ways I can help

  • Social media makeovers. Post, tweets, chats, profiles that are un-skippable, without being anything like click bait.

  • Email newsletters transformation. Direct letters to every kind of audience, newbies to acolytes, that they love to open.

  • Brand power-ups. Taglines, mission statements, elevator pitches that convey strong values and integrity.

  • Website copy spa treatments. Massage the yawns and stiffness out of your website (even the pages about research!)and replace it with heat that matters.

  • Blog upgrades. Headlines, topics, voice. This is how you create content people care about.

  • Freebie and opt-in magic. Create content that gives people real value, easily digested, and you've created an audience.

  • Copy coaching. Become your own best copywriter! Get confidence in always landing on your subject lines, your posts, your fundraising letters.

  • Event marketing. Know your targets, write to their needs, and get the word in front of them.

  • Media pitches. Connect with the reporters and hosts that matter most to your field.

  • Sales pages. Learn the art of getting people to click "donate" or "join" or "write" or "buy." Or get me to do it!

  • Fundraising funnels. Getting money and resources from people only happens when you build the relationship. And that happens with words.


Let’s Talk

Let's hop on a discovery call today. I’ll help you come with ideas to improve your copy right away. We can see if we're a good match. And the first call is on the house!