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Why I'm a
Writer, Coach, & Copywriter
(instead of a marine biologist or reticent queen)


I am a Gateless Writing coach working with writers of all genres. I help them come to the page with more ease, confidence, and mastery. We use the Gateless methodology to surface your strongest work and help you realize your writing goals and dreams.

I also run a boutique marketing agency that serves non-profits, businesses, and artists. I help people tell the rights stories, at the right time, through the right channels, with power, smarts and love — so they can do what's right.

I came up professionally through regional newspapers and national magazines, including body+soul and Disney’s FamilyFun. Current clients include the Center for the Study of Social Policy, meQuilibrium, Humans Driving Change, and Chris Kresser. I also work closely as a copywriter for Terri Trespicio, genius brand consultant and writer.

I grew up in Downeast Maine and did want to be a marine biologist after a visit to Swan's Island off of Mount Desert Island. Except I also wanted to be an actress. Except I am phenomenally introverted, and I blush. And I also wanted to be a psychologist and a journalist, and member of royalty who spoke rarely but always with wisdom and grace.

Instead, I am a novelist, which lets me be all of those things, if ethereally and temporarily. And I'm a coach and a copywriter because I love surfacing the genius in other people's work, making it shine, loving it up. It's amazing what can happen politically, commercially, personally when ideas and dreams find their perfect form.

I live with my husband, five-year-old son, mother, and dog in a mind-your-own-business, plow-your-own-driveway neighborhood in southern New Hampshire. (Except we don’t plow our own driveway. We hire a guy. Lenny.)

Would you like to meet? Let’s hop on a discovery call, where we can see if we're a good match for coaching or copywriting.