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Why I'm a
Professional Copywriter
(instead of a marine biologist or reticent queen)


I run a boutique marketing agency that serves non-profits, businesses, and artists. I help people tell the rights stories, at the right time, through the right channels, with power, smarts and love — so they can do what's right.

I came up professionally through regional newspapers and national magazines, including body+soul and Disney’s FamilyFun. Current clients include the Center for the Study of Social Policy, Davidson Academy - School for Profoundly Gifted Students, David Tom, MD, meQuilibrium, and the Utah Parent Advisory Council. I also work closely with Terri Trespicio, a genius brand consultant, for a range of small businesses and experts.

I grew up in Downeast Maine and did want to be a marine biologist after a visit to Swan's Island off of Mount Desert Island. Except I also wanted to be an actress. Except I am phenomenally introverted, and I blush. And I also wanted to be a psychologist and a journalist, and member of royalty who spoke rarely but always with wisdom and grace.

Instead, I am a writer, which lets me be all of those things, if ethereally and temporarily. And I'm a copywriter because I love surfacing the genius in other people's work, making it shine, loving it up. It's amazing what can happen politically, commercially, personally when ideas and dreams find their perfect form.

I live with my husband, five-year-old son, and mother in a mind-your-own-business, plow-your-own-driveway neighborhood in southern New Hampshire. We have an old dog, Annie, and two rabbits. Rabbits deserve a lot more honor and respect than they get.

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