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Get the words you need
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Sure, we can all write sentences.

But can you make your words make other people care? Can you compel them to act? This is copywriting, and it makes your business better.

“But I want to write,” you say…

Excellent. You have talent. You are original. And you have something important to say.* This is true even if writing takes too long, feels too hard, never matches what you picture in your head. It’s especially true if you long to write.

I am a Gateless Writing coach. I can help you find your genius on the page, whatever and whenever you want to write.

*Inspired by the magnificent Brenda Ueland


I’m Becky Karush.

I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 20 years — newspapers, magazine, websites, print marketing, social media, online content marketing, books, book proposals. You get the idea.

Whether you need someone to write for you, or you want to write with freedom, power, and delight, I’ve got your back.

Pick your path…

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